IEEE International Conference on Communications
14-23 June 2021 // Virtual / Montreal
Connectivity – Security – Privacy



FRIDAY, 18 JUNE 2021


11:00am - 11:30am (EDT)
"Deterministic Delivery of Popular Data using in-Vehicle Caching," Hossam Hassanein, Queen's University, Canada

11:30am - 12:00pm (EDT)
"Control and communication co-design for networked systems," Karl Henrik Johansson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


+ Session 1: WS 02-1: Network calculus,framework

  1. Analysis and implementation of multi-protocol gigabit Ethernet switch for real-time control systems
    Mr. Thomas Leyrer; Mr. Pekka Varis; Mr. William Wallace; Pratheesh Gangadar; Manmohan Mandhana; Prajith Jayarajan; Mr. Sanjeev Karaiyan
  2. A Framework for Providing Stochastic Delay Guarantees in Communication Networks 
    Mr. Massieh Boroujeny; Prof. Brian L Mark
  3. Optimized Survival Mode to Guarantee QoS for Time-critical Services
    Prof. Olav Tirkkonen; Dr. Saeed Reza Khosravirad; Dr. Paolo Baracca; Mr. Liang Zhou; Dr. Ulo Parts; Dr. Dani Korpi; Mr. Mikko Uusitalo
  4. Distributed Implementation of Deterministic Networking in Existing Non-TSN Ethernet Switches 
    Mr. Alexej Grigorjew; Mr. Christian Baier; Dr. Florian Metzger; Prof. Tobias Hoßfeld
  5. Genetic Algorithm Based ARINC 664 Mixed Criticality Optimization Using Network Calculus
    Mr. Eyup Can Akpolat; Mr. Ömer Faruk Gemici; Mr. M. Selim Demir; Dr. Ibrahim Hokelek; Ms. Sinem Coleri; Mr. Hakan A. Çırpan

+ Session 2: WS 02-2: Deterministic network technologies for wireless and vehicle networks

  1. Deterministic Video Streaming with Deep Learning Enabled Base Station Intervention for Stable Remote Driving System
    Mr. Kohei Kato; Dr. Katsuya Suto; Prof. Koya Sato
  2. Low-Delay Proportional Fair Rate Allocation For 802.11ac WLAN Downlink
    Dr. Francesco Gringoli; Prof. Douglas Leith
  3. Performance Analysis of Vertical Handover using Predictable LGD Event based on IEEE 802.21
    Mr. Muhammad Shadi Hajar; Mr. Mohamed khaled Chahine; Dr. Raouf Hamdan; Dr. Mohammad Sharf Qdah
  4. Enabling QoS for Collaborative Robotics Applications with Wireless TSN
    Mr. Susruth Sudhakaran; Mr. Vincent Mageshkumar; Mr. Amit Baxi; Dr. Dave A Cavalcanti
  5. Neural Network based Partial Tomography for In-Vehicle Network Monitoring
    Ms. Amani Ibraheem; Dr. Zhengguo Sheng; Dr. George Parisis; Dr. Daxin Tian

+ Session 3: WS 02-3: Security, reliability, and redundancy mechanisms for deterministic              networks

  1. On the Security of IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking
    Mr. Doğanalp Ergenç; Mrs. Cornelia Brülhart; Mr. Jens Neumann; Dr. Leo Krüger; Prof. Mathias Fischer
  2. Implementation and Orchestration of IEEE 802.1CB FRER in OMNeT++
    Mr. Doğanalp Ergenç; Prof. Mathias Fischer
  3. Time-Sensitive Overlay Routing via Segment Routing with Failure Correction
    Mr. Zengwei Zheng; Mr. Chenwei Zhao; Dr. Jianwei Zhang
  4. Highly reliable clock synchronization based on port redundancy in Time-sensitive networking
    Mr. Kun Liu; Dr. Hailong Zhu; Mr. Yuanyuan Yan; Dr. Huayu Zhang
  5. Multiple Cascaded Preconfigured Cycles for the FRER Mechanism in Time-Sensitive Networking
    Mr. Zongchen Yao; Dr. Yueping Cai; Mr. Tianchi Li
  6. Mix-Flow Scheduling for Concurrent Multipath Transmission in Time-Sensitive Networking
    Ms. Zheng Yao; Mr. Shuo Wang; Ms. Shuwen Yin; Mr. Binwei Wu; Yunjie Liu

+ Session 4 : WS 02-4: Shaping, scheduling, and routing mechanisms for deterministic                  networks

  1. Traffic Shaping at the Edge: Enabling Bounded Latency for Large-scale Deterministic Networks
    Mr. Guoyu Peng; Mr. Shuo Wang; Mr. Yudong Huang; Dr. Ru Huo; Prof. Tao Huang; Yunjie Liu
  2. Multi-Stream Gate Control of Time Aware Shaper for High Link Utilization
    Dr. Yu Nakayama; Dr. Daisuke Hisano
  3. Critical Event-Triggered Flows Tolerance in Time-Sensitive Networks
    Ms. Shuwen Yin; Mr. Shuo Wang; Mr. Yudong Huang; Dr. Ru Huo; Prof. Tao Huang; Yunjie Liu
  4. Joint Routing and Scheduling for Dynamic Applications in Multicast Time-Sensitive Networks
    Ms. Cong Li; Dr. Chenyu Zhang; Mrs. Wei Zheng; Prof. Xiang Ming Wen; Dr. Zhaoming Lu; Dr. Jiawen Zhao
  5. Dynamic Scheduling and Routing for TSN based In-vehicle Networks
    Mr. Ammad Ali Syed; Dr. Serkan Ayaz; Mr. Tim Leinmüller; Madhu Chandra

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