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14-23 June 2021 // Virtual / Montreal
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The Schedule of the Third Workshop on Orbital Angular Momentum Transmission

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Greetings & Welcomes

Prof. Chao Zhang

Tsinghua Univ.




Our Research Activities toward Achieving Terabit-class Wireless Transmission

Dr. Doohwan Lee





Orbital Angular Momentum in the future wireless communications —Statistical and Quantum State

Prof. Chao Zhang

Tsinghua Univ.




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Dr. Doohwan Lee





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Presentation Sessions (on-demand, open for the entire conference from 14 June, 2021)

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Session 1

Ultra Narrow Band Transmission System with Orbital Angular Momentum

Qiuli WU, Chao ZHANG(Tsinghua University, China)

Multiple OAM Signal Recovery Using Pseudo-Doppler Technique with Two mm-Wave Receivers

Marek Klemes, Andrei Buliga, Greg Bowles(Huawei Technologies Canada Co. Ltd., Canada), Michael Schwartzman(CAElliott, Inc., Canada), Soulideth Thirakoune, Tan Huy Ho, David Wessel, Wen Tong(Huawei Technologies Canada Co. Ltd., Canada)

Capacity Analysis of OAM-MIMO System in Corridor Multipath Environments

Xi Liao, Changwen He, Yang Wang (Chongqing University of Posts & Telecommunications China)

Improving Multiple-User Capacity through Downlink NOMA in OAM Systems

Mengnan Jian, Yijian Chen, Guanghui Yu (ZTE Corporation, China)

A Fan Ring Resonator Antenna For Generating High Gain PSOAM Mode-Group With Ultrahigh Equivalent Order

Zelin Zhu, Xiaowen Xiong, Yuqi Chen, Shilie Zheng, Xianmin Zhang (Zhejiang University China )

Efficient Inter-mode Interference Cancellation Method for OAM Multiplexing in the Presence of Beam Axis Misalignment

Shuhei SAITO, Yuki ITO, Hirofumi SUGANUMA (Waseda University, Japan), Kayo OGAWA(Japan Women’s University, Japan), Fumiaki MAEHARA (Waseda University, Japan)

Session 2

Field Experiment of 117 Gbit/s Wireless Transmission Using OAM Multiplexing at a Distance of 200 m on 40 GHz Band

Yasunori Yagi, Hirofumi Sasaki, Tomoki Semoto, Tomoya Kageyama, Takayuki Yamada, Jun Mashino, Doohwan Lee(NTT Corporation, Japan)

Modal Purity and LG Coupling of an OAM Beam Reflected by a Rough Surface for NLoS THz Links

Xinzhou Su, Nanzhe Hu, Amir Minoofar, Hao Song, Huibin Zhou, Zhe Zhao, Runzhou Zhang, Kai Pang, Cong Liu, Kaiheng Zou, Haoqian Song (University of Southern California, USA), Brittany Lynn (Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, USA), Shlomo Zach, Moshe Tur (Tel Aviv University, Isreal), Andreas F. Molisch (University of Southern California, USA), Hirofumi Sasaki, Doohwan Lee (NTT Corporation, Japan), Alan E. Willner (University of Southern California USA)

Higher-Order Spatial Modes in Turbulence: Alternatives to Orbital Angular Momentum

Mitchell A. Cox (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa), Abderrahmen Trichili, Boon S. Ooi, Mohamed-Slim Alouinix (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Saudi Arabia)

Signal Processing of Multi-Mode-Multi-Spatial (MOMS) in Line-of-Sight Channels

Yi LV, Rui NI, Qian ZHU (Huawei, China) Merouane DEBBAH (Huawei France Research Center, France)

An OAM Mode Measurement Method by Rotation Angle Estimation

Quanqing Qiao, Shengmei Zhao and Le Wang (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)


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